Valuable insights from our work with Tesco

There are only a small number of companies which could claim to be as well known or easily recognised as Tesco. This is a status they have achieved for a number of reasons, with the most visible being just how strongly and seriously they take their branding.

We were well aware of the world class standards Tesco insisted on in all presentations of their branding. It was therefore a distinct honour for us to be appointed by them to fabricate and install their “Click & Collect” steel canopies across the country.

Whilst most of us have become familiar with online shopping, Tesco’s “Click & Collect” system was a highly innovative development when first released. As the name suggests, the system allows shoppers to place orders for their items online, with their groceries then being prepared and ready for them to collect.

In order to ensure the highest level of success with the new service Tesco decided to have steel canopies created and installed at key stores. The purpose of the structures was to protect both customers and their purchases from the fairly frequently bad weather conditions we have. Ultimately this results in a better customer experience.

In terms of a purely visual level we were truly honoured to have been appointed by such a prestigious company. We’re also delighted that our work is of very direct and practical service to Tesco’s customers.

We’d like to share some insights into the process of creating the canopies to illustrate how we work in full co-operation with our clients.

As one of the leading names for the fabrication and installation of steel products such as canopies, we have a strict set of Health and Safety guidelines we always adherence to. This is just as true of Tesco. In order to ensure that our own approach and regulations were compliant with expectations on site as we installed the new structures, our team underwent the exact same Health and Safety training which is given to all Tesco staff.

We believe the above shows our overriding commitment to our clients. Our team will happily undertake any and all preparations required in order to ensure that work is carried out exactly as a client has planned. In respect of this particular example, the time spent with Tesco undertaking their training has had far reaching benefits, as we’ve taken many long term insights away from the experience. This allows us to even further enhance our work for you.

Platforms to serve as a foundation for training

Although we’re proud of our nationwide name and reputation for service excellence there’s no point hiding our joy when our work is called on in our home area. As we are certain would be true of all businesses, it is wonderful when our work delivers a tangible benefit to both our native North East community and to society as a whole.

It’s for the above reason that we were honoured to be involved in the STEM Building at Middlesbrough College. We were tasked with the fabrication and installation of the fully functional oil rig platform which is integral to the training being provided at this centre.

STEM, the Middlesbrough College centre for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, has been created to provide training which is as realistic as possible. In this respect one of the early decisions made in respect of the design and layout of the building was to include a fully functional – if not operational – oil rig platform. The reason for this was to make sure students were as prepared as possible for the tasks they will face in their chosen careers.

Of the many factors which led to this decision two were considered a priority. The first is perhaps the most obvious – as much practical experience as possible is vital for those going to work on oil rigs, as it has them prepared for the challenging conditions they will face.

It is, however, also the case that this approach will help the looming – and well documented – skills shortage. By using the oil rig platforms as an integral part of training it is anticipated that acceleration will be achieved in getting much needed skilled workers into the industry.

In addition to the oil rig we were also called on to fabricate and install a structural steelwork platform. The principles behind this were similar to those found with the former structure. The focus of use for the structural steelwork platform is to teach dismantling and re-erection, ensuring that robust, world class standards are met. We’re proud to have been selected to bring these qualities – and more – to the STEM centre.

If you’ll excuse our slight play on words, we’re proud of how our platforms will provide an outstanding foundation for education for many years to come. We look forward to being involved in further projects like the STEM centre, and we’re certainly looking forward to welcoming those who graduate through it to our industry.

Welcome To Our New Website

Here at Marske Fabrication we’ve always been committed to being at the cutting edge of new technology in respect of the design, manufacture and installation of steel products. In keeping with this we felt the time was right to launch a brand new web presence.

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